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The only battleground state holding primaries this month will be Pennsylvania, and we need to support several women who face competitive primaries and get a jump on fundraising for two women who are the presumptive nominees in targeted competitive districts. 

Check out the new slate and give $5 or more to each of these women:

  • PA-01, Flip, Challenger, Ashley Ehasz: Ashley, a retired Army pilot who did tours of duty in Kuwait and Iraq, is the presumptive nominee in this suburban Philly district held by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. She was also the nominee in 2022, but during this presidential election year, in a district President Biden won by 5 percent, she has a better chance at flipping it.
  • PA-07, Hold, Incumbent, Rep. Susan Wild: Susan is again on the list of most at-risk Democratic members being targeted by both sides. She squeaked by with a 51 percent win in 2022, but this being a presidential year may not make the race easier: The district only went to President Biden by 0.6 percentage points in 2020.
  • PA-10, Flip, Challenger, Janelle Stelson: Former local news anchor Janelle is the polling and fundraising leader in the Democratic primary to face incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Perry in this DCCC-targeted, Harrisburg-centered district Donald Trump won by 4 percent in 2020.
  • PA-12, Hold, Incumbent, Rep. Summer Lee: Summer, a progressive who is a good fit for this heavily Democratic metro Pittsburgh district, is being primaried from the right by a woman backed by Club for Growth mega-donor and Tik Tok investor Jeff Yass. Yes, even though her opponent is a woman, we’d like to see Summer keep this seat.
  • PA-Attorney General, Keir Bradford-Grey: Keir, Philadelphia’s former chief public defender, is the only woman running in this primary to replace the interim AG, who was appointed after Josh Shapiro was elected governor. Her opponents include a former state auditor, a current state representative and a current local district attorney.

Please give to these women now so the ones who need it can make it through the primary, and so Ashley and Susan can start building their war chests.

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