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The dog days of summer are winding down, and that means the 2023 election season is about to pick back up. But you haven’t taken a break—WomenCount donors have raised more than $10,000 for state candidates this month.

The next competitive primary is actually for mayor, on Sept. 19 in New Hampshire. That’s why we’re asking: Before August is over, can you help us match that raise for this year’s competitive mayoral races? 

These are the eight women running in competitive primary and general elections that you need to support ASAP.

Competitive Democratic Primaries:

  • June Trisciani is one of three Democrats and one Republican running in Manchester, NH, whose current mayor, Joyce Craig, has resigned to run for governor. The top two winners of the Sept. 19 primary will face off in November; Republican Jay Ruais is likely to be one of them.
  • Connie Boesen is an at-large member of the Des Moines, IA city council and former school board member. The current mayor, a Democrat, has not announced his candidacy, but Connie is facing fellow council member Josh Mandelbaum in the technically non-partisan, combined primary/general election on Nov. 7.
  • Michelle McKissack, a former journalist and current local school board member, is one of 19 candidates running for mayor in Memphis, TN. This is an open, safe Democratic seat; the current mayor is term-limited. The election is Oct. 5.

Competitive Partisan General Elections: 

  • Regina Romero, the incumbent mayor of Tucson, AZ, recently won the Aug. 1 Democratic primary easily, but will face a self-funding independent, advertising executive Ed Ackerly, and Republican Janet Wittenbraker, in the general election.
  • Stephanie Terry is a county council member and executive director of the Evansville, INchildren’s museum. This is a chance to flip an open seat: The current mayor, a Republican, is not running for re-election. Stephanie is endorsed by our partner, Elect Black Women.
  • Lauren McLean is the incumbent mayor of Boise, ID. She’s facing a strong challenge from former Boise police chief Mike Masterson, who has attacked her policies on policing, even though his tenure was rocked by a scandal over the hiring of white supremacists.
  • Lisa Brown is the former director of Washington state’s commerce department and has served in both chambers of the state legislature. The current mayor of Spokane, WA is a Republican, so this is a chance to flip a seat.
  • Erin Mendenhall is the incumbent mayor of Salt Lake City, UT. She is facing a strong challenge from former two-term mayor Rocky Anderson, who has made crime and homelessness central to his campaign.

Thanks again for keeping up the fundraising pace for our 2023 candidates during what is usually a sleepy time of year for fundraising. Before August ends, can you give just one more time?

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