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The latest misogyny displayed by Donald Trump is appalling and unacceptable —–     but sadly it’s nothing new. We see the same offensive behavior all too often at the highest levels in every sector of our country —–     business, academia, sports, media and culture, tech. The list goes on.

It’s no coincidence that women comprise less than 20 percent of leaders in those areas as well, and in some cases much less. Women make up:

  • 19 percent of Congress;
  • 2 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs;
  • 17 percent of Hollywood directors, producers and writers;
  • 6 percent of partners in venture capital firms;
  • 16 percent of corporate board directors.

And the numbers for women of color are even worse.

The Republican leadership’s failure to halt the Trump candidacy is today’s top story. Indeed, it is the responsibility of leaders to condemn sexist behavior and hold offenders accountable.

So what will it take to shift the culture of this country to respect women and set the tone for acceptable behavior? It’s simple: more women in leadership. And there’s something you can actually do to make a difference.

Our new Women Take It Back slate combines Senate and House candidates who have the best chance to flip Congress to Democratic control —–    with women. It’s a big slate —–    11 candidates —–    so feel free to customize your donations. Or go for broke and click “give to all” to help turn Congress blue with women.

We are witnessing a galvanizing moment is American —–    and women’s —–    history. Don’t sit back. Support women. Spread the word. Help us crowdfund for women candidates.

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