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By now you know all about the gender giving gap and women’s representation: We are nearly half of donors but give far less overall, and make up just 28 percent of Congress. 

The situation for moms is even worse: Just 6.8 percent of Congress—or a mere 37 members as of last year—are mothers with children under the age of 18. There are three times that many in the population as a whole. 

These numbers come from our new partner Vote Mama, which for five years has been working to elect more Democratic moms to state and federal offices across the country. WomenCount was proud to support their founder, former NY-2 candidate Liuba Grechen Shirley, when she ran for office in 2018. 

Liuba faced on the campaign trail the challenges that moms face in every workplace: A lack of childcare and a schedule inconsistent with caregiving, plus the judgment of those who thought she should focus on her kids and give up on the race—but she didn’t. 

We can’t give up either if we want gender parity in Congress, including more moms with a seat at the table, bringing their perspective as moms to decisions that affect all of us and our families.

That’s why for Mother’s Day we’re asking: Can you give $5 or more to each of the 8 moms on our new Vote Mama slate?

Or send this email to someone who appreciates you and ask them to donate in your honor before Sunday!

These moms are running in some of the most competitive federal races—and when they win, they’ll block a national abortion ban and prioritize truly family-friendly policies.

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