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Thanks for being a loyal member of the WomenCount community. 

We’re reaching out one last time before the end of the year to tout our successes in 2023—and get a jump on fundraising for 2024. 

First things first: We want to draw your attention to our new Federal 2024 slate, which right now includes every competitive US Senate race, plus the Biden-Harris campaign. 

Help these campaigns finish out Q4 and start the year strong by giving $50 to this nine-candidate slate ($5 for each one + WomenCount) by midnight on Sunday.

As the only online donation platform that supports Democratic women and amplifies the importance of elevating women candidates, we want to keep building on the successes of previous cycles and show that there is an incredible amount of power in women’s individual donor networks. 

Some quick stats: 

  • This year, we raised almost $1.7 million through the platform
  • And nearly $10 million since our founding in 2015
  • With an average small-dollar donation size of $88 this year

We don’t have to tell you again how high the stakes will be next year—but we will anyway. 

1 ) Most importantly: We have to defeat Donald Trump again, and women are the key. Voter turnout among women is consistently around 3 percentage points higher than for men, and next year we’ll be especially fired up because Kamala is on the ballot, and …

2) Abortion will be on the ballot too, possibly in as many as 12 states, including competitive states like Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Iowa (we can dream). Plus: 

3) Democratic women could see our numbers drop in Congress. In the Senate, women are fighting to replace men in Maryland and Delaware. But California’s safe Democratic seat is at risk of going to a man, and seats in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin could flip to Republicans.

That’s why we’re asking, before you log off on 2023: Can you give $50 or more to our 2024 Federal slate?

With gratitude, we wish our entire community a happy new year. Get some rest—we have a big year ahead.

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