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We just hit our goal of raising $50,000 for Ruth’s List—the five women who can flip Senate seats this year.

But we need to go higher: Can you help us hit $100,000 this weekend?

You know why we’re reaching out. Moments ago, Donald Trump named Amy Coney Barrett to fill Justice Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat. We knew the stakes would be high no matter who the nominee is, but now, we know exactly what’s at stake:

Judge Barrett has said she disagrees with the idea of respecting precedent, and has said that Roe should be chipped away. She’s also criticized previous decisions on the Affordable Care Act, which is especially frightening considering that on Nov. 10, the Court will hear a case that could repeal it.

The future of reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare for millions of people, and so many other issues we care about is more threatened than it has been in our lifetime.

Help these five women win so Democrats can flip the Senate and restore balance to the Supreme Court. Chip in $5 or more now to Ruth’s List.

And thank you for crowdfunding these critical races through WomenCount. Since our launch in 2015, our mission has been to focus the power of small-dollar giving on women donors and women candidates.

Giving an extra $5 to WomenCount when you give to Ruth’s List helps us continue this work, including maintaining our crowdfunding platform.

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