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We’re waiting with anticipation for the Florida Supreme Court’s opinion on the constitutional amendment pro-abortion rights supporters are hoping to get on this fall’s ballot. 

Today is the deadline to release opinions and the Court is closed for Good Friday, so we won’t know anything until next week. The Court’s approval is the final step before the measure can go before voters.

That means an anxious weekend. Channel your anxiety into action by giving $5 or more to Floridians Protecting Freedom and the three other campaigns on our 2024 Abortion Battlegrounds slate.

Here’s a little more info about the other campaigns on the slate: 

  • Arizona for Abortion Access: The campaign has collected 250,000 out of the nearly 400,000 signatures it needs by July 3 to qualify the Arizona Abortion Access Act—which would establish a “fundamental right to abortion” and prevent government interference before “fetal viability”—for the ballot.
  • Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom: The campaign, which kicked off late last month, needs to collect 103,000 signatures before June 26. The constitutional amendment would codify Nevada’s existing 24-week limit. Voters would need to pass the amendment again in 2026 for it to become part of the constitution.
  • Montanans Securing Reproductive Rights: Ballot Issue 14 would establish an individual’s right to make decisions about their pregnancy, including abortion. The campaign is currently battling the state’s conservative attorney general to approve neutral ballot language. It needs to collect 60,000 signatures before June 21.

Getting abortion on the ballot is obviously crucially important for protecting our rights—but it’ll also be an important way to drive voter turnout in states that will be crucial for controlling Congress and the White House. We’re especially keeping an eye on how it can help boost Sen. Jacky Rosen in Nevada and former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in Florida. 

Please help us make sure these campaigns have the resources they need to organize, collect signatures and fight bad-faith attacks from right-wing officials. Give $5 or more to our 2024 Abortion Battlegrounds slate.

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