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A little over three weeks from Election Day, we’re shifting gears. 

Up to now our Super State slates have featured governors leading the ticket in some of the most competitive states. Now we’re turning to the state hosting the closest US Senate race in the country—Nevada. 

Not only is the US Senate up for grabs in Nevada, the state features two incumbent Democrats in toss up US House races, and threatened Democratic majorities in both state legislative chambers. Abortion access, which is (for now) protected by law up to 24 weeks in Nevada, hangs over every race. 

Our Nevada Super State slate is nine incumbents we need to protect this year. Chip in $5 or more to each of them now.

They are: 

  • Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. Neither candidate has 50 percent in the polls, meaning a substantial amount of undecided voters are still up for grabs. Her opponent, Adam Laxalt, ran Trump’s 2020 campaign in Nevada and supports letting states ban abortion.
  • Reps. Dina Titus (NV-1) and Susie Lee (NV-3). Democrats have only a 5-seat majority in Congress, so these races are must-wins. Dina’s opponent, Mark Robertson, believes forced pregnancy is the “consequence” of a woman’s actions, while Susie’s opponent, April Becker, has refused to discuss her anti-choice views, though she is supported by anti-choice organizations like the Susan B. Anthony list.
  • Five state house and senate candidates. Selena Torres (House, 3), Elaine Marzola (House, 21), Lesley Cohen (House, 29), Michelle Gorelow (House, 35) and Marilyn Dondero Loop (Senate, 8). Democrats hold majorities in both chambers—nine seats in the House and only two seats in the Senate.
  • Bonus—Lieutenant Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead. The governor and lieutenant governor run on the same ticket in Nevada. Any donation given to Lisa through the slate will go to Gov. Steve Sisolak’s re-election campaign.

What happens in Nevada this year will determine who controls the US House and Senate—and whether Nevada Democrats can maintain their legislative trifecta—in 2023.

Give $5 now to the women who can make all of this happen.

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