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There’s a really easy way you can help out WomenCount and the women on our Victory in California slate.

Just click here to share our Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter.

The California Primary is only a few days away, and Hillary Clinton needs our help. 

This primary is probably the most important yet for WomenCount. First off, we’re all excited to finally be able to root for women running on our home turf (hello from San Francisco!). Second, on Tuesday we have the opportunity to usher in an outstanding freshman class of women like Kamala Harris and Nanette Barragán, both of whom have such bright political futures.

Finally, we’re also honored that California is the final state in Hillary Clinton’s quest to become the first female presidential nominee on a major party ticket. Not only will a big win here help her shore up her delegate totals, it’ll give her the momentum to pivot toward beating Donald Trump (*shivers*) in November.

All eyes are on California right now, and we want to capture some of that attention to drum up support for our Victory in California slate—which includes Kamala, Nanette and Hillary—and for WomenCount. We only have until June 6 to get 100 supporters on social media. Will you join us?

It’s really easy: Just click here to share our Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter. Then, you’re done.

Don’t know what a Thunderclap is? It’s really simple. Once you’ve landed on our Thunderclap page, just click “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter” (and “Share on Tumblr, if you’re on Tumblr) to save our Victory in California message to your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account. Then, on June 6—the day before the primary—those messages will get released all at once, amplifying your statement of support right when we need it most.

The California Primary is our best opportunity before November to reach people who don’t know about us, but who want to support our mission: putting the power of crowdfunding to work on behalf of electing more women!

Give us—and Hillary, Kamala and Nanette—a hand before the California Primary. Join our Thunderclap!

Your voice matters. Use it!

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