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It’s been a chaotic winter break: Impeachment drama ricocheted between the House and Senate, as key 2020 Senate races turned up the heat. And to top it off, President Trump’s erratic behavior put us on the brink of geopolitical disaster—again.

It’s getting harder to remember what life was like before Trump, but it didn’t involve waking up wondering what fresh horror the president’s tweets had caused while you were sleeping.

We can stop the chaos in 10 short months—not just by kicking Trump out of the White House, but by kicking the second-worst person in Washington out of his job too. We’re talking about Sen. Mitch McConnell, of course.

That’s why our first order of business in 2020 is asking you to give $5 or more to our 2020 Senate Red to Blue slate!

If you give now it will be an especially timely gift for Amy McGrath, who on Dec. 27 officially kicked off her campaign to unseat McConnell. She’ll need to continue to show her fundraising power to ward off primary challengers.

Speaking of primary challengers, Sara Gideon—who hopes to run against Sen. Susan Collins in Maine’s general election—has a new one: Ross LaJeunesse, a former Google executive. This is troubling not just because he’s a threat to her winning the nomination, but because he’s likely to self-fund his whole campaign.

But we just can’t see a woman—a former state House speaker with years of experience in public service—knocked out of the race by a male tech millionaire, even if his heart and his politics are in the right place.

Will you give $5 right now to Sara, Amy, and the rest of the candidates on our 2020 Senate Red to Blue slate so they can post strong fundraising numbers early in 2020?

Oh, and in good news for Barbara Bollier: Mike Pompeo just announced he will not be running for Kansas Senate, meaning the race is likely to be a tossup.

Let’s get to work!

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