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We’ve had our noses to the grindstone for months, working to get Hillary and down-ballot Democrats elected in swing states from Nevada to New Hampshire. And that hard work has paid off. The polls right now are looking really good-but that doesn’t mean we can relax.

Campaigns have the biggest impact on undecided voters in the last few weeks before an election. But to be effective, these campaigns need money-fast. And the quickest way to raise money for Hillary and down-ballot Democrats all at once? Crowdfunding.

Here are three quick ways to get started:

  1. Join us for tonight’s debate by following our #HRCDebateTeam hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. And while you’re gearing up to watch, wish Hillary luck by donating to our HRC Debate Team slate.The first 25 people who donate to the HRC Debate Team slate today will receive this WomenCount market bag.

  2. Get a jump on helping Hillary celebrate her 69th birthday by supporting (and sharing) our Happy Birthday Hillary slate. It’s six women who could flip the Senate, plus Hillary. Because what’s the best gift you could give the potential first female president? A Democratic Senate!Give to our Happy Birthday Hillary slate before her birthday on October 26 and you’ll be entered to win this ‘H’ pendant celebrating Hillary’s historic run.

  3. And have you heard? Because Trump is such a drag on down-ballot Republicans, we could take back the House of Representatives. It’s a longshot, but women can do it.Chip in $5 to some (or all!) of the women on our Women Take It Back slate. These are Senate and House challengers who are vying to turn both chambers blue.

Even though the polls look good now, we can’t take anything for granted. Everything we do between now and Election Day helps determine whether or not Hillary will be the next president.

And the composition of Congress will determine how effective a president she can be. Enacting paid family leave, protecting Planned Parenthood, responsibly changing our gun laws-not to mention getting supportive justices on the Supreme Court-that all depends on having a Democratic House and Senate.

Click here to give to the HRC Debate Team slate.

Click here to give to the Happy Birthday Hillary slate and support the Senate Six Pack. 

Click here to support the Women Take it Back slate.

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