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Nearly two years ago, Democrats suffered our first major electoral loss of the post-Trump era: Losing the Virginia governorship and the House of Delegates. 

We feared it was a sign of things to come: With Trump out of office, Democrats would disengage, and Republicans would moderate just enough to win back independent voters. 

Then, the Dobbs decision changed everything—Democrats stayed energized, abortion rights won on the campaign trail, and Republicans remained anchored to their failed president and extremist social policies.

That gives us the chance to fix what broke two years ago and help Democrats take back control of the Virginia House of Delegates, starting with the seven women on our brand-new Virginia 2023 slate. Give $5 or more to each of them now.

All of the candidates on this first-round slate are facing primaries on June 20. Some are running against male challengers in safe Democratic districts, and others are competing in more competitive seats. We know women candidates are outperforming their male counterparts at the ballot box, so support in these primary elections is critical now. 

✴️ Katrina Callsen, District 54: This is a safe-D seat left open due to redistricting. Katrina is facing two male primary challengers. 

✴️ Amy Laufer, District 55: This is a Republican-held district that’s shifted left due to redistricting. Amy is facing a male primary challenger.

✴️ Susanna Gibson, District 57: This is another open seat, but it will be competitive in the general election. Susanna is facing a male primary challenger.

✴️ Delores McQuinn (I), District 81: This is a safe-D seat, but Delores is facing a well-funded (male) primary challenger. 

✴️ Kimberly Pope Adams, District 82: This is a Republican-held seat that Kimberly can flip—if she makes it out of a crowded primary. 

✴️ Kelly Fowler (I) and Susan Hippen, District 96: This lean-D seat currently features two women, after incumbent Delegate Kelly Fowler was late to announce her re-election. There are also two men in this primary, so consider giving to both women. 

Democratic legislatures will be key to making progress on our most pressing political issues—abortion, guns, voting rights … the list goes on. We must flip Virginia this year. Plus, five of the seven women on the slate are women of color, who we need to see better represented in legislatures nationwide. 

Republicans currently control the Virginia House 51 to 49, so Democrats will only need to flip two seats (maybe the two seats on this list!) to regain control of the chamber.

Chip in $5 to each of the women on our Virginia 2023 slate and give them a head start.

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