At WomenCount, we’re trying to fill the fundraising gap between male and female candidates through crowdfunding and peer networks.

Now, we’re inviting CANDIDATE to chat with us and a lucky group of supporters about the power and pitfalls of doing grassroots fundraising on the trail.

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More about WomenCount

The situation:

More women candidates than ever are running, but they still rely more than men on smaller, individual donations, meaning they spend more time calling donors and less time on the campaign trail. Second, the size of the crowdfunding industry doubled from 2014 to 2016, and now accounts for $34 billion raised annually worldwide.

Our solution:

WomenCount is merging these worlds. We’re closing the gender fundraising gap by empowering a candidate’s supporters to raise for slates: multiple candidates tied together by issues or other factors. And crowdfunding is more accessible than traditional fundraising because it’s about engaging your friends—not begging strangers for cash.