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Super Tuesday is less than one week away, and the biggest state to watch for women will be California. 

Here are three slates you can give to before next week to help make sure women maintain and grow our numbers in the Senate, House and state legislature: 1️⃣ Give $5 or more to each candidate on our Super Tuesday slate.Rep. Katie Porter is at the top of our slate, followed by two women in the most competitive California House primaries (Julie Lythcott Haims and Joanna Weiss) and three women in the most competitive legislative primaries (Sasha Renée Pérez, Ariel Kelley and Rhodesia Ransom). The latest polling has Katie in a dead heat with Steve Garvey, and she needs cash urgently to pull ahead and make it into the general election. 2️⃣ Give $5 or more to each candidate on our Fund Her slate.Fund Her, an organization working to achieve gender parity in California’s legislature by 2028, has endorsed 19 legislative candidates this cycle. Women hold 50 out of 120 seats in the California legislature, or 42 percent. If each woman on this slate wins, we’ll be at 54—or 45 percent. 3️⃣ Give $5 to each candidate on our Final Four slate and reserve your spot on Electing Women Bay Area’s special candidate event Zoom.The event at 6 pm on February 29 will include a Q&A with four candidates—Ariel, Julie, Rhodesia and Joanna—plus an in-depth briefing of every competitive US House race in California. A $20 donation, or $5 to each candidate, reserves your spot. 

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