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Earlier this year, you told us who you wanted Joe Biden’s VP pick to be. (In case you missed the results, Sen. Elizabeth Warren won with 29% of the vote.)

But a lot has changed since April. A few candidates (like Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Sen. Amy Klobuchar) have declined consideration, while others (like California Rep. Karen Bass and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice) have ascended to the spotlight.

So we’re asking you again, a bit differently this time: Who do you think is the most likely VP nominee pick?

We really value our members’ political insight, so every now and then we like to reach out to see what you’re thinking. We also like to give back: If you take our poll, and you guess correctly, you’ll be entered to win this VOTE tote from Resistance By Design.

Resistance By Design Vote Tote

The Biden campaign has said he’ll make a choice next week, and the current political climate—COVID, demands for racial justice, a faltering economy, and a president who has taken an even sharper authoritarian turn—is likely to have a big impact on his decision.

Let us know what you’re thinking: Click here to log your guess.

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