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Early this morning, President Joe Biden officially announced that he is running for re-election in 2024, with Vice President Kamala Harris by his side. 

This is a critical election for women’s rights and women’s representation in the nation’s highest elected offices. And it’s historic—it’s the first time we’ve had the chance to re-elect a woman on the presidential ticket.

The announcement video was a rousing call to action for every decent and caring American, centering the multi-cultural, multi-generational coalition of workers, community leaders, activists and others who pushed Joe and Kamala to victory in 2020—and contrasting that coalition with the MAGA extremists who have taken over the Republican Party. 

The announcement also included an explicit call for protecting abortion rights, showing that the campaign is fully embracing an issue that has newly mobilized millions of voters and buoyed Democrats to victory since last year’s Dobbs decision. 

Give now to Biden-Harris 2024. When you give through WomenCount, the campaign knows you’re giving because you support Kamala, you support women, and you want the campaign to hit Republicans hard on abortion rights.

If we fail to win four more years for the Biden-Harris team, we will likely face a nationwide abortion ban, and we’ll certainly see more right-wing judges appointed who will take away the rights we have left. And realtalk: It would also be another huge setback for the prospect of electing a woman president in 2028 or anytime in the near future. 

Plus, we’re again seeing a woman lead the charge on the campaign trail: Senior advisor Julie Chavez Rodriguez will be the first Latina to manage the campaign of a presidential nominee, and we want to see her succeed too. 

We’ve known this announcement was coming, but now that it’s official, we need to get to work ASAP. The campaign has reported they’ll need to raise at least $2 billion over the next year and a half, so help make a dent in that number now by giving to Biden-Harris 2024 via WomenCount.

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