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This week we’re so proud to present our summer intern slates! As we do every year, we asked each of them to create a personalized WomenCount slate that reflects their values, interests, and experience this summer. 

Please read all about our interns and consider supporting their slates! And a huge thank you to the interns from all of us at WomenCount. We will miss you!

The Interns & Their Slates

“Hi, I’m Anahita Asudani, a junior at the Nueva School. I’m passionate about the climate crisis, gun reform, and reproductive rights. I’m interning at WomenCount because I wanted to help increase women’s representation in government and support the women fighting for social justice in our country. In the spirit of that, I created the Changing the Face of Politics slate to support women of color under 40, up and down the ballot, fighting for the issues they believe in.”

Check out Anahita’s Changing the Face of Politics slate and chip in $5 or more to a new generation of women in politics: womencount.org/teams/changing-the-face-of-politics.

“Hi, I’m Pascal Descollonges. I’m a senior at the Nueva School, and I’m a parliamentary debater. I first got involved in politics through debate, where I became passionate about policy and governance. My Non-Elected Officials slate is composed of women who have long records working with the public sector to coordinate, shape, and run our country. Now, they’re seeking elected office in the US House. As representatives, they’ll work to restore the federal bureaucracy and undo the havoc Trump’s negligence has wreaked.”

Check out Pascal’s Non-Elected Officials slate and chip in $5 or more to women who are long-time public servants: womencount.org/teams/non-elected-officials/.

“Hi, I’m Rohan Sachdev, a junior at The Nueva School. I developed my passion for the political process through my school’s parliamentary debate team, where I was given the opportunity to research and discuss solutions to current events. My school experiences have always been an important part of my political journey, which is why I created the Education Changemakersslate. From universal PreK to public school reform to free college tuition, these women have made education a core part of their incumbencies.”

Check out Rohan’s Education Changemakers slate and chip in $5 or more to women who are helping kids learn: womencount.org/teams/education-changemakers/.

“Hi, I’m Riyana Srihari, a junior and parliamentary debater at the Nueva School! My past two years on the debate team have afforded me the opportunity to explore politics, and one of my Criminal Justice high school classes served as the inspiration for this slate. I would be so grateful for your donations to Women Against Mass Incarceration, made up of candidates who voted and advocated for shortening mandatory minimums to create less harmful sentences for non-violent drug offenses. As members of Congress, they’ll serve as progressive proponents of criminal justice reform, righting the corruption within the prison industrial complex.”

Check out Riyana’s Women Against Mass Incarceration slate and chip in $5 or more to women who are reforming our criminal justice system: womencount.org/teams/riyanas-slate/.

Check out all the intern slates on our website

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