Jacky and Jessica 2024

In 2024, our Senate “majority” (barely) is seriously at risk and we must hold it. The most vulnerable must-hold incumbent that needs funding is Jacky Rosen in NV. And getting the vote out for Jacky is a two-fer: Nevada is a crucial swing state for the Presidential election. Incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto barely won re-election two years ago. We have to support Jacky.

In the US House, there’s a good chance for Democrats to re-take the majority. In California there are a number of flippable US House seats. Jessica Morse is a fantastic candidate in a trending toward blue Congressional district in Northern CA. Jessica is the *only* woman left in the 2024 election that can flip a US House seat. There’s incredible organizing going on in that district – but they need $$ to implement their plans.



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