Pat Maher for Congress



I would like to be added to your list.  I am running for Congress in the 4th C.D.  I am holding town meetings and on the grassroots level I am meeting the primary voters.  I would like to be considered for inclusion on your list. While Sarah Hughes is a well-known name- she is an air dropped candidate that doesn’t even live in the district. This district will never vote for her .   Furthermore, Laura Gillen lost this race a year ago by almost 10,000 votes and primary voters are not responding to her.  They want someone else.   They will not win this race.  I have won two primaries before and I am Vice-President of the Baldwin Democratic Club.  Please see a recent article on the race.  All politics is local and the primary race is very focused.  My website is


Please add me to your site.  My phone number is 516-661-8124.


Pat Maher






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