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Third-quarter fundraising totals were officially released last week, and the numbers continue to tell a story about the political gender giving gap: 

1️⃣ Reps. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee lag in California’s US Senate race. 

Rep. Adam Schiff was first to release his quarterly fundraising numbers, and for good reason: His $6 million Q3 haul is nearly twice what Katie has raised ($3.4 million) and more than five times what Barbara has raised (a little over $1 million). He now has a staggering $32 million cash-on-hand, compared to Katie’s $12 million and Barbara’s $1.3 million. 

But despite Schiff’s fundraising dominance, recent polling shows he and Katie neck-and-neck or Katie slightly ahead, and Barbara within the margin of error. 

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2️⃣ Sen. Jacky Rosen continues to outraise both Republican challengers in Nevada

She ended the quarter with nearly $9 million cash-on-hand after raising more than $2 million in Q3. Sam Brown, the wounded Army veteran who is her most likely general election opponent, shows a little more than $1 million raised, with slightly less than that in the bank. And state representative Jim Marchant seems to have ceded the fundraising game completely, raising only $74,000 last quarter and reporting only $141,000 cash-on-hand. 

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3️⃣ However, male incumbents in competitive races are still outraising women by millions of dollars. 

Let’s look at Montana and Nevada, both of which Cook Political Report has rated as Lean D. Sen. Jon Tester raised $4.6 million in Q3, more than double what Jacky raised. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio has also raised $4.6 million in a similarly competitive race. 

The situation is more equal for two competitive non-incumbent races: Rep. Elissa Slotkin in Michigan and Rep. Ruben Gallego in Arizona raised about $3 million each in Q3. 

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