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Is there any better reminder of how badly we need more women in the Senate than what’s happening in the Judiciary Committee?

Dr. Ford’s testimony was calm, composed and credible—but that doesn’t matter to the Judiciary Committee’s Republicans. They are more concerned with protecting Judge Kavanaugh than getting to the truth. In focusing on how this has hurt his reputation, they’ve made clear how they feel about women who come forward.

Now, they’re set to advance his nomination. These Republican men just don’t get it—so it’s time to kick them out and replace them with women.

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Can you believe that Sen. Orrin Hatch had the audacity to refer to Dr. Ford as “attractive”? How can we expect these men to investigate sexual assault claims, or make the laws that will govern our institutions and our bodies?

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the few Republican women in the Senate, is also one of the only ones advocating for a full investigation. And she and Sen. Susan Collins are rumored to be undecided. If there were more women on both sides of the aisle, maybe we would have a truly fair process in these matters.

But with Republicans growing more hostile to women by the day—that’s been on full display these last two weeks—we have to focus on adding more Democratic women.

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