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Primaries: final stretch

After a break in July, we’re about to enter our busiest month of primaries since March. Among the headliners in August, there are primaries in three states—Michigan, Minnesota and Florida—where we have the opportunity to put women in the governor’s...
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100 Days

Voters go to the polls in 100 days! General election voting will start even sooner in states with generous early voting. In the next 100 days, polls will rapidly narrow, because most people will make up their mind about who...
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A fighting chance in GA

Big news: Stacey Abrams officially has her opponent for this fall’s Georgia gubernatorial showdown. In a shocking upset, far-right candidate Brian Kemp triumphed over sitting Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, meaning we can expect a Trump-like spectacle to loom over the...
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Millennials take Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only millennial woman shaking up politics this year. In competitive districts across the country, millennial women are transforming elections. They’re staking out bolder territory on generation-defining issues—such as student debt and cybersecurity—as well as perennial issues...
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Meet the Wave: Nevada

Did you know that this year, for the very first time, you can donate through WomenCount to women running in critical races statewide, not just US House and Senate races? That’s because there are 13 states where Democrats have a...
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Roe At Risk

As a circuit court judge, Brett Kavanaugh ruled to block a migrant team from being able to access abortion, and he once dissented in a ruling that upheld the ACA. (more…)
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5 women who can save the Senate & Supreme Court

A Supreme Court dominated by right-wing justices means a constant attack on our basic rights and liberties—and I can’t think of a more urgent reason to be emailing you right before our Independence Day holiday. Precedent won’t save us. The...
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Our worst fear

We’ve been dreading this: Justice Anthony Kennedy just announced he’ll retire from the Supreme Court, allowing Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Senate to elevate another right-wing extremist to the bench. Reproductive rights, LGBT rights, healthcare access—all the decisions that have...
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Stay Up-To-Date With Women’s Wins & Losses in 2018

At WomenCount, we're doing our best to keep you informed about how women are performing in the 2018 midterm elections. But sometimes things move fast, and we can't always update you on every win and loss. To ensure you don't...
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Upcoming Primaries

One of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races in the country is Tuesday, in Colorado. Cary Kennedy, the former state treasurer and deputy mayor of Denver, is in a tight race against Jared Polis, the member of Congress from Colorado’s...